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This February 1st you're drowned in loneliness, and there won't be a single hug that gives your wounded heart enough warmth.

Around you there's all sorts of work and family circumstances that come together in a melting pot, creating an explosive mixture.

And, of course, it's hard to smile and pretend like nothing's going on. Especially because you don't know which way you should row your boat to reach the safest shores.

This feeling could last a few days, it won't be something you can just dodge; and your partner, if you have one, won't quite know how to offer you a helping hand to come out of your pit.


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You've started off the month on a wild note emotionally speaking, and of course, that ends up influencing the way you manage your finances and business.

In fact, you'll constantly feel like everything's going wrong at work, as if you were a magnet attracting bad luck.

But hey, you need to relax a little bit, because the Magic Horoscope predicts that there's not many more issues around you than the usual problems you have to face in your everyday life.

So don't go asking around for help unless you really need it, which won't be the case for most native Taureans.

Watch your home appliances, take good care of their maintenance so that you're not forced to purchase a new replacement appliance in a rush, with the obvious corresponding expense it entails.


Winter is starting to feel a little bit too long for you, and you're more than ready to see March coming so that a gust of new, fresh air repairs you and reloads your inner batteries.

Your energy level won't be too high today because you usually absorb all bad vibrations around you.

In that sense, to get rid of everything bad that's around you, using rock salt lamps will help you, because they're very powerful at cleansing vibrations.

While you wait for the arrival of the next month (you're lucky February's short!) just try to avoid sadness from finding a permanent home in your life.