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Taurus Daily Horoscope for January 1

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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Think about how beautiful it is to start a new year holding on to the person who helps your heart beat and makes your lips draw a smile.

Today you should find ways to make everything revolve around peace and happiness, although it is true that January 1 is not much different to any other day in the calendar.

You can have a self-awareness test if you're single and analyse your current love life, and whether you'll want to find a traveling companion this year or not.

Don't feel the peer pressure to have a partner, and only do things when you really feel like doing them!

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Although many Taureans out there will be on a break this Tuesday, many of them will have to go to work in different fields of expertise and positions.

We know that healthcare, hospitality business or leisure premises have no such thing as holidays, right?

In that case, be very patient! There's an intense, complex day drawn out in your skies, Taureans, and you might get into disagreements with other people.

You'll be right, and there'll be managers who protect you, so don't worry; but unfortunately, you'll be experiencing some distress for sure.


What time did you go to bed just because you're supposed to welcome 2019, Taureans?

It's likely to happen that many native Taureans, especially the young ones, find a great ally in digestive relief medications, to reduce the stomach pains and burn from the excess of the 31st.

As a goal for this new year, you should think about a way to manage your free time more wisely, and what excess can you allow yourself to go to, and how often.

If you set some goals for the next 12 months, it'd be great if you told your friends and family about it. That way, you'll see more of an obligation to get them done.

If you're in good shape, this first day of 2019 you should go to an area surrounded by nature where water runs free (a forest with a jetstream, for instance), and practice some meditation there.

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