Taurus Daily Horoscope for July 1

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If you’re single, learn to adapt to the circumstances, sometimes you go weeks without having a single date because you think it should be done under better circumstances.

If you’re the kind of Taurus who’s always juggling your schedule, the stars indicate that it’s time to get over your fears and meet up with that person you’ve been avoiding because you really like them.

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll feel your passion is rekindled, if it had dwindled of late. You’ll do everything you can to make it so, but don’t overlook your partner’s wishes.

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The stars will do everything in their power to promote your professional development, and you’ll delight in this, as you’ll feel the universe supports you. If you were a cartoon, birds would sing and fly around you!

This time your horizon will emerge in front of you, and any money troubles you may have had will be solved easily and quietly, perhaps, through the sale of some of your jewels, or a piece of art that’s been decorating your home.

With Jupiter, the planet of success, well positioned on your sky, Taurus, you’ll be able to consolidate your position or even get an even better one (better hours, perhaps?).


Venus will be the only planet directly impacting your health, so you shouldn’t have much to worry about, other than some mild problems with your liver if you eat too much.

Naturally, you should be careful with your alcohol intake, and don’t hesitate if you have to cancel those drinks you were going to have with your friends. Or try ordering juice, or as soft drink without a drop of alcohol in it. It will be a tad more boring, on the other hand.

Life isn’t always simple, but if you bring your optimism out, you’ll have the advantage.

Take better care of your hygiene, which is always good, especially your oral hygiene; you might have bad breath today.