Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Enough! You’ll say loudly and clearly. Because Jupiter and Neptune, together, will teach you how to finally free yourself from that love that’s causing you so much pain.

Hold your head high and say that you don’t have to put up with a mediocre relationship. Life offers you something more positive. Don’t let this opportunity escape if you know that your relationship has come to an end, that the film is over and these are just the closing credits.

The sky will give you a chance to channel your emotions, Taurus, with an exemplary attitude and better reactions which will give you peace of mind; you’ll just play other people, without fear of hurting others or getting hurt. Your day will be cozy and safe.

If you’re in a happy relationship you’ll feel good and you’ll know how to enjoy your romantic relations; but if you’re not happy with what’s available, it’ll be hard to continue.

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In terms of finances, today’s atmosphere will make you more cautious than usual. It’s not the time to act, but to think and strategise. You’ll spontaneously ask yourself important questions, and you’ll look for support to find the answer that better matches your reality.

The moon will give you strength and perseverance so your efforts materialise into hard cash.

Many will notice how the become ambitious, tenacious, determined to pursue your goals. You now want to reap the rewards of your past efforts, but you’ll have to fight to make them come to fruition.


You’ll illuminate your home without being intimidated by rigid people, as if you were a being of light whose energy is extremely stable. Don’t force the peace unnecessarily, it will come on its own if you take it easy.

It will be a demanding day for you physically, and you’ll have to be careful because there’s a risk of misusing your energy, as well as exhausting yourself halfway through.

To avoid back and neck pain, you’ll need to wear good shoes, comfortable and flexible. Go ahead!