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You'll ask yourselves many questions about your future as a couple. Whether you'll stay in your current home forever, or if there's something better out there for you.

Whether you'll always feel the warmth of your partner's glance no matter how tough life gets, whether you'll be able to care for them when everything goes wrong...

However, you won't feel overwhelmed by anxiety, you won't be in need of immediate answers, and you'll stay far from stressing situations.

Are you a single native Taurean? You'll set your own pace but in a bit of a messy way, and you almost won't feel like getting fixed up and pampered in front of the mirror.

You'll have to do something, to experience mental evolution, so that you can build long-lasting happiness.


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As the third month of the year kicks in, your finances will be backed up, at least for a decent timeframe, and your speed to assume and understand certain issues will get stronger and better.

You'll know how to spot what helps your finances, and what should be dodged at all costs; especially some apparently minor expenses, which represent a good deal of money when put together.

Mercury predicts success among inexperienced workers, who won't have a single issue at learning quick and well to, first of all, parallel, and second, overcome the skills of the more seasoned workers.

Business-wise, under Venus' sponsorship, there'll be more networking with people from outside your company or even your country.

You'll get a chance to meet interesting, nice people who will be your key at a given time to expand your business or performance range.


Sports could go against your rest today, especially if you do high-performance training.

You're well aware that it is recommended to exercise daily, and if the exercise takes place two to three hours before bed, it's good, because you'll manage to get a good night's sleep.

But the stars point out that you're a little sensitive today, and some native Taureans might not sleep that well if they get into the gym once the sun's gone down.

You're better off getting active with sunlight, at least this Friday!