Taurus Daily Horoscope for May 1

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Your personality will be composed of both light and shadow on the first day of May.

You’ll want your partner to shower you with compliments and affection, to make you feel special, that you’re the most important person in their lives.

Likewise, and with the same intensity, you’ll want to be invisible, to lock yourself up inside, and do your own thing without having to explain yourself to anyone.

You’ll have to come back to the world of the living if you don’t want to drive everyone around you insane, as well as yourself, since your madness can cause a lot of harm.

The astral configuration promotes the development of new sexual fantasies and fetishes, so start working on making them happen if you like.

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Manage your time better at work. This 1st of May you’ll be scatterbrained, and you’ll be easily distracted by everything.

The consequence? You won’t perform the way you should, or to your usual standard, and you’ll get called out for it.

You’ll encounter some obstacles in getting your money back, perhaps money an acquaintance owe you and which they refuse to pay back, or the refund for plane tickets you’re not going to use.

However, Jupiter will be strong and efficient this way, and you’ll end up getting what you want. The key is to not give up, and to stick to your guns!


With the beginning of the new month you’ll want to start some new health habits, to be in better shape, with a flatter tummy.

The problem? You’ll tend to blame others for not reaching your goals and falling off the wagon.

Whether it’s because you’ve gone for a meal with friends and they didn’t pick the restaurant that best suited your needs, or because your family doesn’t allow you enough time to go to the gym.

At no point did you have a gun to your head, the only one responsible for mismanaging your energy is you!