Taurus Daily Horoscope for September 1

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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Your romantic project is growing little by little and, before you know it, what was meant to be a meaningless fling is now a full-blown epic romance.

You’ll notice, however, that you’re very demanding and you ask too much of the person you’ve given your heart to. You’re disappointed when you don’t get what you want, which is more attention, surprises and a bit of spontaneity.

If you’re single, you won’t want to stay in the same place for long, you’ll go out to look for adventures or, at least, fun. This word will stick with you throughout the day.

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No one can stop you today: you’ve taken your foot off the brake and gods have mercy on anyone who tries to stand in your way, they’ll end up getting hurt.

It’s a great day to plan an important purchase (but you’ll have to think well if you’re going to spread the payments or pay it all in one go) and you’ll launch ambitious initiatives. Conformism doesn’t suit you, you aspire to greatness.

If you’re looking for a new way of investing your savings, talk to your friends about it, but beware of the ones that are too clever: they could even advise you to invest in a family business that won’t yield the profits you might expect.

At work, you’ll continue to be very demanding, and you’ll face head-on any duties you have to perform, even the unexpected ones. Remember to breathe: there has to be time for breaks, and if there isn’t, you’ll have to make it.


You’ll be a very special person this Sunday, able to see what others can’t. There’ll be powerful ideas in your mind, and you’ll look for depth, the universe’s hidden truth, Taurus.

Don’t let yourself be guided by others: you have enough energy to go at the forefront, leading the way. You’ll find your own gravitational centre, and without making any effort, you’ll be in good health.

You’ll have everything you want from the universe, and some could even take advantage of this to carry out some rituals which allow them to improve certain aspects, whether it’s in their own lives or the lives of someone dear to them. Your mood is all love, and your wishes will come true.