Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’ll have a great August Saturday, Taurus, and not because the stars are guaranteeing your happiness, but because you’ll have a great personal philosophy, and positive thoughts.

You’ll have great spiritual vibes and you’ll enjoy love in a special way, it will be so magical you wouldn’t be able to tell how long it’s been since you felt something similar.

If you’re single, use the passion you have deep inside to meet new people. Don’t tie yourself down, run, fly, interact. Basically, allow yourself to get carried away (you might even end up being the one who’s being courted).

Your partner will tell you about some problems which are overwhelming them, and they’ll ask you for your help with them. Cast aside your fears and prejudice, Taurus, and give the best of yourself, you’re more than prepared to face whatever comes your way.

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With the arrival of the weekend, the feeling that your finances are stagnant will become very strong.

There’s no real reason for this, but you’re struggling with routine, and you’ll want to break out of it by all means.

Finding the key to becoming better in the business area won’t be as easy as making a fried egg, keep that in mind. Least of all if you’re doing it on your own. There’s no magic money tree!

In fact,teamwork is the best way to achieve success, sharing responsibilities and analyzing your strengths and weaknesses together.


Watch your alcohol consumption this weekend, it will wreak havoc on your organism.

Regardless of the alcohol content; you can always find an alternative to toast with your friends and spend a nice afternoon together. There’s life beyond beer and wine.

One of your tasks today will be to walk more, at a healthy pace, don’t go at a sluggish pace! Find the time to at least walk for half an hour. And swap the lift for the stairs!