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With the current star climate you're having, you'll let your imagination win, and you'll believe that those rumours and insecurities that damage your self-esteem are true.

This way, if you've got a partner, you might believe they're cheating on you, without you even having a single solid piece of evidence that proves it.

It'll all happen in your head, and what you've got in front of you is just a regular glass of water, not a sea storm that will make you sink and drown.

Venus will be against you, and you won't be able to escape its influence even if you're single, because no matter how much adventure and fun you store up, your heart won't be fully present there.

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You've got fully updated human values, you're highly concerned about your loved ones, but also about other people that are way farther and whom you don't even know.

That's why you're currently holding negotiation to do a charity activity, but you should avoid being seduced by the call of hidden interests from certain entities and companies that brag about helping poor unfortunate souls.

Thus, if you help out as a volunteer, do your research and find out whether your share of the work will help people in need. Don't be abused by entities who just want to brag about their actions or clean up their act!

And, in any case, devote your efforts to work first-hand with people who need help, with no intermediate agents whatsoever.


Anxiety could reach its peak on you this Sunday, Taureans, and you'll probably want to soothe it down by heading to the fridge and rummaging it until it's empty.

To control anxiety, the stars encourage you to take a pad and pencil, and write down why you go up to eat.

How many times are you actually hungry? Few to none, right? Sometimes, a gesture as simple as opening the door to a visitor is enough of an excuse to snack.

Take this chance to also write down what you think could happen if you keep up that pace, and what illnesses and health issues could come afterwards.

As soon as you see everything jotted down on paper, you'll probably think twice next time before you eat your day away.