Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



When an issue isn't tackled and you only cover it up to pretend it's not around, with the slightest tremor, the storm will be back out.

Get your statements ready to justify that mistake you made months ago to your partner, because it'll be the topic of the day.

These issues can derive into making a third person envious, Taureans, because they'd love to have the fun, passionate romance you're enjoying right now.

Look for the traitor and make things clear to them. Banish them from your life and that of your loved ones, and don't let them come back ever again.

Singles should remember the people they date; otherwise, they might bump into one another in the street and have no reaction whatsoever.


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Someone's making financial decisions on your behalf, and you won't be able to do much about it, at least not immediately.

You can feel you want to work things out, but you'll have to closely analyse the moves to make if you want it to happen.

It's not an easy feat, and you might have to go look for allies, whether it is within your own family, or among your workmates.

If you're looking for jobs, give a call or show up at the companies where you sent in your CV, as a proof that you're really interested in working there.

It might not be the job of your dreams, but bills just keep coming; there'll be time to calmly unfold and reveal your true professional colours.


According to the Magic Horoscope, it'll be a slightly difficult Thursday for your health and wellness.

A physical ailment will make you ill, and it's not the first time this happens. It's likely to be located on the lower half of your body (digestive system, legs, feet...).

Try not to complain too much even if it bothers you, because you'll make your loved ones run out of patience, and they might not want to help out any more when you really need them.