Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Your friendly relations will be placed under the sign of kindness and solidarity; you’ll be a rock for many of your friends, who currently need the kind of help only you know how to provide.

Within couples, friendships could be misinterpreted (or even by a friend’s partner) and this could cause some jealousy.

So put on your raincoat, because right after the good deeds you’ll have the most uncomfortable storms.

If you’re single, you have to remember that a good smile and quick wit can be your best assets. There’s nothing more interesting than someone who’s intellectual and intelligent!

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Being overly cautious in your budgets will lead you to disappointment, Taurus. Especially, if you’ve already planned your next holidays.

If you had set more money aside, you could’ve gone to social and cultural events that you would have loved, but which you can no longer afford to go to.

Let this be a lesson for your next trip: you can’t go around with empty pockets, you might as well stay home.

This doesn’t mean it will be a grey day in terms of money: you’ll probably have a chance to increase your income, but discretion is advised if you want to be able to enjoy it.

It will also be a brilliant day for those who spend a lot of hours training or studying: your ability to absorb new knowledge will be astounding, and your intuition and imagination will do the rest.


The area of health will be stable for Taurus. No planet will influence the area of your wellbeing, and the support from Venus promises good strides towards the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Your willpower will be especially strong, and you’ll be able to avoid harmful temptation, no matter how many times you come across it.

Do you have any health-related appointments? You need to keep them, and be punctual. You might have had a check up scheduled, and you’ve forgotten about it, does this ring a bell?