Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You think you’re dealing with all matters of the heart in a great way and nothing’s going wrong around you. You’re aware of your great sexual attraction, and you’ll use this power to achieve anything you want, listening to your desires.

However, be careful who you choose to play around with today, as they might have a secret agenda.

If you’re in a relationship, your actions can cause a whirlwind. Don’t play with fire, flirting with other people, unless you want to anger your partner and throw the stability in your relationship out the window.

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On a financial level, Taurus has greater and deeper worries than usual. Your objectivity is diluted and you see everything from a pessimistic point of view.

Your budget needs a bit of care, reduce your expenses to have more available cash. You might have to sell some collectibles at a second-hand market, or let go of some jewelry you inherited (and which, frankly, you’ve never worn).

However, Jupiter is maliciously positioned in your sky, and due to its influence, your mind could play nasty tricks on you.

If you’re planning on creating a project, gather up the information you need today, but don’t start working on it yet. You need to gather your thoughts before you can start building again.


You need to avoid overexerting yourself, your body is weakened by Neptune’s negative aspect and you might end the day with an injury or a pulled muscle.

Draw a clear line between your working hours and your resting hours. Your mobile phone could even go off while you’re sleeping, you won’t like it one bit (which is understandable, naturally).

Some health-related concerns regarding some of your relatives are filling you with dread, but you’ll find a positive attitude to solve everything, or at least, to avoid panicking. You’ll show courage and a good disposition, and you’ll be extremely efficient. And you’ll be the lifeline that will keep others afloat through the storms they might encounter.