Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Flirting is rooted in the life of Taurus: the stars enhance your attractiveness, and you’ll melt hearts left, right and centre.

You want to play the game of seduction, and that’s good so long as you don’t put your priorities aside in the pursuit of frivolities.

Your mind today is focused on the present; you’re put off making plans for the future, and you think the most important thing is the here and now. Don’t go against your wishes, but don’t take your feet off the ground.

In your family, there’ll be news regarding births. Were you expecting? Although they might be about a grandchild rather than a child of your own!

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You’ll offer the best of your abilities when working in a group: you’ll have a great ability to coordinate the task force, regardless of whether this is in your job description or someone else’s.

You won’t stop yourself today, and why would you? Plus, your proposals will be met with positive comments and you could find a new path full of rewards to reap and new objectives to reach.

That doesn’t mean, Taurus, that you’ll be free from other people’s evil glares or gossiping about you, but they’ll trip themselves up eventually.


The way the Magic Horoscope sky is presented this day indicates bowel movement problems; you’ll be especially prone to diarrhea.

If this happens, remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and try to include yogurt, lean protein, white fish, rice and pasta in your diet. And, naturally, make sure the food is thoroughly cooked and grilled or roasted, avoid deep-fried and battered food!

At least you’ll be in great spirits and you won’t get overwhelmed today, in spite of your digestive problems. You’ll know how to make those around you smile, even those with a heavy heart.