Taurus Daily Horoscope for April 11

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During the middle of the second week of April, the Magic Horoscope predicts a relaxing day, even if you’ve more problems than solutions at home.

You’ll find a way to be happy anyway, and you’ll make your other half happy too.

Love is a contagious feeling, and even the biggest ogre wants to love and be loved, don’t forget that.

If you’re single, you’ll carry on talking to someone who lives far away, a friend, who could be more than just a friend, if it wasn’t for the distance between you.

But there’s no such thing as distance when it comes to love, remember that.

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At times you’ll feel very daring, and this will lead you to propose yourself as the team leader for certain group projects at work.

Why is that a problem? The structure is a lot less stable than it looks, and it can all come crashing down in a second, and your reaction won’t be as fast as others expect it to be.

Watch your impetuousness, and don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Try to settle your debts, if you have any, especially if you often run into someone you’ve owed money for a while now.

There’s no need to be labelled unreliable, Taurus; fulfill your duties, this will bring you peace.


Your mind and body are in harmony, your health will be good, so stop fearing a relapse from an illness or ailment, it won’t happen, at least not today.

Be careful with what you eat if you suffer from food allergies, if you’re not careful you might have an unpleasant surprise.

Be particularly careful if you’re eating out, at a restaurant you’ve never been to before.

Ask about allergens in their menu before requesting a table and, if possible, talk to the head chef to put your mind at ease.