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Is your relationship in need of some colour? It might be, as this Sunday will be a lot more monochrome than pastel themed.

The stars show that, if you want to brighten your relationship, you’ll have to make an effort, be a lot more romantic and affectionate than usual, as your other half is a bit down in the dumps.

Their problems have nothing to do with you; it’s problems with their family and job that they’re struggling with. Just offer them your shoulder so they can lean on you.

If you’re single you’ll get great advice for all matters of the heart from people who’ve gone through similar situations to the ones you’ve been through (or even worse in some cases). Be a good student, listen to the experts, and don’t ever forget the lessons you’ve learned today, Taurus.

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Keep your eyes and ears peeled if you’re looking for a job.

It’s hard to pinpoint a time or a place, but you’ll be around influential people who have the key that will unlock the chains around your curriculum. Make the most of the situation when it arises!

While we’re at it, careful with what you share on social media, as you’re facing future recruitment processes.

Some pictures and opinions are better kept to yourself, as they can be used against you; or at least, watch the privacy settings when you share things.


You’ll feel like a superhero, of the kind that doesn’t wear a cape. But it’s a mistake!

Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, this Sunday, ask for help with anything you need.

But you shouldn’t consider this a weakness; supporting yourself on someone to keep going doesn’t mean your less worthy of praise.

Music is a great healer of souls. When you feel like you can’t cope anymore, put on your favourite song and it’ll help you make peace with the world.