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You might have gone wrong when it comes to problems of the heart a million times, but you don't want anyone analysing the way you handle issues.

It's quite easy to talk and have an opinion in life, and sometimes that makes us too prone to act, which could in turn lead to hypocrisy and nepotism.

If that's what you want, try not to criticise other people's personal issues, especially if you're bound to them through friendship or even blood.

You should be more cautious with your partner and avoid promoting attitudes that could unleash fights. If you're single, don't be too cocky, Taureans.


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In this life, there aren't many things that are fair, and that's something even more visible when it comes to money and finance.

This Monday, you'll see there's people who are earning money around you for things that affect you in some way, but you're the only ones who aren't getting any money.

Therefore, raise your voice and claim equality. Demand a profit share where you're not as ill-treated as you've been up to now, and if you can improve some of your conditions, you've got that going for you, which is nice.

In order to plan your day and use your time more wisely, wake up a little earlier than usual and design a strategy.

A tidy agenda will help you prioritise and choose the most important issues, and if you go through it impeccably, you'll see your day getting lighter.


Are you sleepless as of lately? Perhaps you should try having a few drops of orange blossom water in a lemon tea, and have it just before you go to bed.

Orange blossom water comes from the steam applied to orange blossom flower petals, and it has many benefits, as unpopular as it is.

In fact, it's a powerful muscle relaxer, there's people who claim it's connected to a better performance of your liver, and it's also antibacterial.

And if your hair is too tangled or doesn't look as luscious as usual, you should know it's good to get rid of hair knots and it controls dandruff production.