Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope


You’ll be able to achieve interesting things in your love life today; but this will be the result of all the love you’ve given over the past months.

Actions, gestures of love, will be very important for you, and you won’t have to second guess yourself, about whether you could make someone else happy, many wish they could be the ones to share their lives with you.

However: if you’re leading parallel lives, having more than one relationship at once and promising the moon to anyone they’re stringing along, be aware that you could be found out, and all of your wrongdoings would be exposed.

Lies may have been handy in the past to achieve your goals, but true happiness can only be achieved through honesty and truthfulness.

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With Uranus in charge of your finances, don’t be afraid to risk in order to achieve fame and success!

But think of your family first, as many decisions imply a change in your daily dynamics.

After all the effort you’ve made at work, perhaps even working overtime, you might not have enough energy to fulfill your parental duties, or your duties towards your parents, if you need to look after them.

Money can help in your pursuit of happiness, no one is denying this, but it’s not the only thing that matters.


With Jupiter being the main planet on your sky, you’ll be more fortunate in the area of your health, you’ll be more protected than other zodiac signs.

But be careful, Taurus, as you also risk being careless in the management of your energy.

Unexpected proposals for physical activities or sports will allow you to take part in very interesting projects, and will bring you happiness and joy.

Some might find they’re surrounded by bad vibes, but you could get rid of this by burning some Palo Santo incense, whether it’s in the form of cones or sticks.