Taurus Daily Horoscope for March 11

Your Horoscope for Monday
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Jupiter will bring you a strong need to communicate more as far as love is concerned. You'll want to set things straight and be absolutely honest to fix what's been making you feel overwhelmed for days.

You can round things up a little more until a commitment becomes more serious.

However, some Taureans won't measure their words too well, and they'll make the situation a little sharper and stickier, until the extent of hurting people who have skin that's thinner than usual.

Therefore, try to use anesthesia before you say some things so that your partner doesn't feel attacked; and instead of entering a debate, listen and let them talk.

If you're single, your biggest desire will be seduction. You'll be ready to heat waters up without making them boil; it'll be enough for you to feel wanted.


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A Monday with plenty of social contacts is predicted in the Magic Horoscope's stars. Despite some tensions in sales, you'll know how to adapt to others easily.

It should be said that you're ready to charm whoever it takes, especially if your wages grow bigger with commission sales, and you'll be willing to make all efforts you need to, just to make sure there's a sense of safety around your money.

Don't let your willingness to eat the world up make you a reckless wild horse that no one can calm down; it's okay if you're not the biggest entrepreneurs in the world.


Do you usually pay attention to all external agents that harm your skin on a daily basis? Especially if you use make-up often.

And let's not even start if you work out in the streets, thus exposing your skin to pollution and the microparticles in air, which impact your accelerated aging processes (are you afraid of growing old?).

If you need to take off your make-up, instead of choosing the classic mineral oil products, try to make it vegetal oil, and if you apply them with a linen towel, slightly moist with warm water, you'll be naturally exfoliating your skin.