Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


If you live together with your partner, the efforts to have a healthy relationship won’t be successful at first.

There’ll be loveless gazes, and you’ll suspect they’re hiding something shady from you; thanks to Jupiter’s strong support, you’ll end up corroborating that you’re not just imagining it, and that there’s some truth to it.

If you’re a single Taurus, you’ll be effortlessly charming and you’ll easily fall into conversation. You’ll want to be the brightest star in other people’s skies.

You’ll struggle controlling your impulses, which can sometimes be overly passionate, and, thus, you can make bad judgment calls, allowing yourself to get carried away by first impressions.

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You won’t be able to fulfill all your tasks within their assigned, and you’ll be master of excuses. Especially, the oldie but goldie “it’ll be ready in five minutes”, when you know it won’t.

This will be a classic in your life, almost like a joke, but no one will find it funny, especially those who work under you.

You’re not respectful of other people’s time, you’ll get carried away when you find something of interest to you (and you’ll forget to be productive).

The numbers won’t add up when cashing in debts from your friends, someone, who’s possibly a Scorpio, Cancer or Aries, who’s trying to avoid paying you back.


You’ll try to use persuasion rather than force, because you believe the latter doesn’t lead anywhere.

You’ll have excellent physical resilience, favoured by Mars on a benevolent aspect, and it will be one of your sign’s main actives today.

You manage, so to say, your energetic allowance in a smart way and you’ll be able to fight off attacks from microbes and viruses, as well as carry out prolonged efforts.

The Magic Horoscope will make you imagine dreams which will be hard to resist, but you know it’s not the time to pursue them, you need to be prudent and wait for the right time.