Taurus Magic Horoscope 5
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The run-up to the weekend promises to be hectic. Your spirits and your energy both rise simultaneously, your magnetic creativity is enhanced and you free up your instinct to win over whomever you want.

If you’re single you’ll have a warm heart and your libido will be through the roof. You’ll want to seduce left, right and centre, but you won’t know who to invite over for a nightcap. You’ll go around randomly throwing lines without knowing when to stop and see what you’ve caught.

Challenges are stimulating, like chasing after that person who seems impossible or unattainable. As if the forbidden fruit tasted better.

In your relationship, you’ll be able to get rid of old patterns of behaviour. Your romantic relationship has evolved, you’ll want to try new things. The Magic Horoscope nurtures your imagination, to the point where you might appear naive.

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You have a bit of debt in your hands and you won’t know where to begin filling the holes. However, try to prioritize those building up interests and late payment fees.

There’ll be a conflict of interest, and that will make balancing your current budget a lot harder. Especially, take the time to think things through: it’s better to do things with a clear head. And of course, don’t incur unnecessary expenses.

You have a bigger workload than expected, and there will be no choice but to focus and double your efforts. Your relations with your colleagues should improve, you’ll need an ally soon, Taurus.


Try not to bottle up your feelings, you might end up struggling with anxiety or other kinds of mental health issues.

Sometimes you close off and you don’t share what’s troubling you. Learn to let go, come out of your shell.

The stars invite you to lead an exemplary lifestyle, but this isn’t a new thing, is it? You know full well what things are bad for your health, such as smoking or overeating, even if you sometimes blame your metabolism or your genes for your shortcomings.