Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your love life today, Taurus, won’t be interesting enough to write a book about; this doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to happiness, but it will be very routinary and uneventful.

You can get lost in thought, thinking about how you can spice up this Wednesday of September, but any ideas you have won’t be easy to apply to your life.

Would you be content with an atmosphere of tenderness and limited (if not little to none) sensuality in your relationship? If you’re single, the desire to fall in love will be greater than your possibilities of success, but hey, you might experience a pleasant infatuation. Why not?

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Some legal matters related to your finances will become complicated, perhaps because a company owes you money, or because you were unlawfully dismissed a while back.

The only thing you can do, Taurus, is work on your patience and wait for news. What looked like it was finally coming to a close, is taking longer than expected.

If you have to drive your car, remember that no matter how hot it is, you don’t need to have your air-con on full blast. By putting your window down from time to time you’ll reduce your fuel consumption and this will mean you’ll spend less.


With regards to your health, the Magic Horoscope planets will gift you with benevolent neutrality; none of them will exercise a negative influence on your body.

It’s up to you, then, to preserve, or even increase, your vitality by making healthy decisions.

Try to have a healthier and more balanced diet, and to exercise daily. This good combination of factors is the only key for being in good shape.

Some will suffer from headaches, but try not to take any unprescribed drugs at the slightest discomfort. Willow or chamomile infusions are a good natural remedy.