Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


There will be misunderstandings in your relationship, this is what is shown in the Magic Horoscope’s sky. But don’t suffer before the fact!

There will be a contentious atmosphere, a cross war where you’d be better off being a spectator, but you won’t be able to help picking a side, and your partner will take the opposite.

Fortunately, a friend or relative will be able to help you clear the fog, so the sun can shine once more.

Pleasure will be coveted by those who are single, especially if you’re starting a long weekend this Friday, or going on some sort of holiday.

Your dates, however, won’t be up for it; it won’t be easy to get them to agree to have a fiery encounter.

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The astral climate enhances your cunning for making money, perhaps by taking a second job for a while.

Have you thought about tutoring privately, for example? It would be a great solution.

If you need the go ahead for a project you’ve been working really hard on at work, try to present your arguments firmly and convincingly.

Believing in yourself is essential, otherwise, nobody will believe in you.

Therefore, try to take good care of your appearance, make sure it transmits cleanliness, trustworthiness, and that you’re detail oriented.


Take care of your hair, especially if you’ve got children at home; no one is safe from the hideousness of lice!

Don’t think this problem is inherent to people from a low socio-economic background, or careless people; your children could get it playing at the park, or at school.

Aside from this, you’ll have a quiet Friday, but you won’t have the developments you were hoping to see with regards to your wellbeing.

Big things move slowly, don’t worry if the wound you have is healing slowly; what matters is for it to heal well, at its own pace.