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It’s a day to look after your relationship, to preserve it from aggressive external agents, and generally speaking, to pamper your partner a bit, why not?

If you’re single, you’ll see there’s a time for everything, and now’s the time to strengthen your most valuable bonds, to love yourself more, and realise that your happiness rests solely in your hands, Taurus.

Keep an open mind, and be open to the possibility of meeting new people without giving your heart to the first one to knock on your door.

There’s a dispute you need to settle amongst your friends. Give the best of yourself and peace will come, you’ll see.

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You want to smile and have fun today, and thanks to your good mood, your investments will be as profitable as you wanted them to be, perhaps even more.

You’ll be able to undertake new financial projects in accordance with the path you’ve chosen, and there’s a chance for a great evolution in matters that were stagnant regarding real estate.

Good complicity could lead to an agreement with a colleague to improve your schedule, or to have the days off you need to settle some legal matters.

You know the price of effort and hard work, of winning and losing, it’s in your nature. It’s a good period to move forward without looking back.


Your friends will give you new ideas to improve your wellbeing, a simple get together to practice sports together, perhaps some basketball or football. You’ll be in good shape, perhaps even great!

Your sensitivity, or dare we say, your intolerance, will be quite high. Try to steer clear of any fabrics, foods or plants that give you allergies. Be especially careful if you’re eating out, check that they comply with safety regulations.

Remember to turn the air conditioner off before you go to bed, and don’t point any fans directly at yourself, or you might end up chilled to the core.