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Enjoy! The Magic Horoscope predicts that today you'll have a wonderful, shining day as far as your heart is concerned.

Regarding your current relationship, you should be careful enough to avoid making your partner jealous (because they've been quite tense as of lately, truth be told), and that could be an unnecessary complication.

You'll be much better off if you can save trouble in that area, right?

And for any single native Taureans out there, try to enter a dynamic stage where you move around. For instance, you could get a makeover, and don't go bringing in the excuses to avoid making it happen.

You should think that you'll have to feel absolutely free (and available) to use all the wonderful romantic chances you'll encounter.

A very active social life is coming. Your friends will distract you from your routine, and that's why you'll get a chance to meet many people.


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There won't be any planets meddling in your career, which is great news. There's always a silver lining out there!

Should you be quite careful, then? Indeed you should, because the luck you've had as of lately will start fading.

And you'll be quite unprotected when gambling and betting; Lady Luck won't be on your side, and it could even be mocking you in the end.

As far as your money is concerned, even if the course has to change you'll know how to handle the steering wheel of your finances.


You've done everything you possibly could, and even more, to get rid of the cellulite that's sticking to your backside, but it's still fighting strong to stay.

You're well aware that extra salty foods aren't too good for liquid retention, so limit your intake of ham, cheese, seafood, ready-made meals and certain sauces, such as mustard or soy.

Besides, you need to do whatever you can to sleep more, and not just to be more well-rested and perform better.

Sleeping well can help you burn off sugar and stay in shape!