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You'd be ready to climb the highest mountain and get the most beautiful flower to hand it over to your beloved if they ever asked you to.

You're absolutely willing to promote and spread happiness, to make everyone fall to their knees when touched by the magic of love.

Besides, there's an elegant aura about you that will even allow you to win the heart of whomever you want if you're single native Taureans.

You should be sure that no one can beat you at being original, but you need to use this nice star environment, because it's a perfect gift from the stars to make your weekend an excellent adventure.


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Of course you don't want anyone calling you out at work today, but this could eventually occur if you don't stop to pay attention to detail.

You might have your mind riddled with a thousand tasks (who doesn't?), but you should be more careful and revise and review all tasks and duties you've been assigned over and over again, Taureans.

You'll slowly start to see new doors opening before you, although they won't be as tight as you'd want them to.

Thus, you might considered (and it'd be perfectly reasonable of you to do so) that the financial offers you get in exchange for your work don't match what you really deserve.

Depending on how tight your belt is right now, you're the ones to know whether to lower your fares or let them stay up and wait a little longer.


Take serious care of your diet, but be especially mindful of what you drink today, Taureans.

Might the stars be right when telling you that water isn't your go-to choice when you want to quench your thirst?

You're well aware that fizzy drinks aren't healthy or good for you, as much as the label says they're caffeine or sugar-free. Plus, factory-made juices are caloric bombs with not to many interesting nutrients.

If you want to make your water bottles a bit more fun, try putting in a slice of lemon or orange to give them a flavour kick.