Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Your imagination will be wild this day, which will be characterized by nervousness and a youthful spirit. Don’t you think there are certain attitudes and gestures which belong to a specific age gap?

You’ll look for connection through both light and intellectual exchanges with people who could become a permanent fixture in your life, as a partner, as friends or as mere acquaintances with whom you can have laid back conversations over a couple of pints.

Today’s atmosphere is good for changes, no point being held back!

If you’re in a relationship, plan a moment of conjugal leisure for today. Forget about your worries, let go of jealousy, Taurus, and talk about things which are good for both of you. Your sensitivity will allow you to have fun as if you were children, discovering new worlds.

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There’ll be a certain financial routine these days, opportunities are scarce and your environment gives you the feeling of being interested in things which differ from the ones you like.

It could be time to put on hold certain projects and see if you could go in a different direction. You could even request a leave of absence from work and send your resume to other places, or start your own company.

To transform your professional life you have to invest in a specific project, you can’t have a little bit of everything. Thanks to your unbridled ambition, you’ll make your dreams come true.


You’ll be surprised by your own physical changes if you’ve been on a diet or sweating like crazy at the gym.

You’ll notice a change in the vibration around you and you’ll let go of things which aren’t good for you: you’ll repel bad attitudes and energies.

You’re thinking about a trip to improve your health, and you’re open to destination proposals. Perhaps you could go to a spa to relax, or perhaps a destination where you could practice extreme sports, and go bungee jumping, for example?

Today you’ll be great at offering advice to those who need it. Your attitude will be great and your ability to explain the pros and cons of certain behaviours will allow others to make sense of very important things.