Taurus Daily Horoscope for March 12

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The most beautiful romantic getaways aren't at the other end of the world; stop thinking that you will only enjoy it if the trip is long and expensive.

You don't need a flight on the most expensive category, with hostesses serving you the tastiest French champagne on the way to your destination.

Can't you see that your own home can be truly magical if you find the right mood?

Surprise your partner today with a simple yet sophisticated dinner that doesn't take too much effort to prepare, and pair it up with a nice wine.

The stars' arrangement ensures that there'll be plenty of laughter, connection, and a shared gleam in your eyes.

On the other hand, if you're single, try to pay attention to signals around you; you might go on a second date with someone you thought was nothing but a one-off flirt.


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Are you losing your breath because you squeezed your belt too tight and you still need resources that make your current situation brilliant?

There's no need to worry about money, because Mercury will come to save the day and it'll make you obtain unexpected earnings (not that they're unfair in the first place).

But be careful, because this planet could bring you from one pit into another. To avoid this from happening, leave aside the money you've earned and don't touch it in a while.

At work, there'll be a sudden turn of events that will make you change some of your pre-scheduled appointments. Your timetable today will be completely turned upside down, so be patient!


Your readiness to eat could get out of control today, and you won't know how to quieten the loud, barking dogs inside your stomach.

The stars in the Magic Horoscope recommend you to have smaller portions to fend off that disturbing hunger. That way, you're sending a message of pleasure into your brain.

You're better off placing your bets on fresh fruit, white meat and fish in small servings, paired up with plenty of veggies and cereal!

In order to add some extra flavour to your dishes, spice is a great ally. Spices like cayenne pepper or turmeric not only hit your dish with a dash of fire, but they also bring benefits into your overall wellness.