Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



If you’re single you might get your hopes up for the love of someone very good looking, someone who’s exactly your type.

The astral climate will be conductive for the meeting, but you might hear some unpleasant things about your crush’s past.

Just ask yourself, do you really expect everyone to be a virgin until they meet you? Does it really matter what they’ve done in the past?

If you’re in a relationship,love will abound, and you’ll be able to give free rein to fantasies or fetishes that one of you had been hiding for a while.

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This Saturday there will be many things blocked in your professional life, and even if you think you’re at a dead end, if you conquer your fears, you’ll find a way out where there appeared to be none.

You’ll be able to do what you want with regards to money, but within reason, naturally, and some Taurus might even achieve their greatest ambitions.

You’re particularly driven to create wealth, and you’ll want to generate financial stability.

But be careful with online shopping, one shipment might get lost, and you’ll have to waste some time contacting customer support.

And make sure you can speak their language before you make orders abroad, you’ll have to be able to communicate with them if you want to get it sorted!


The Magic Horoscope invites you to be a role model for healthy diet for the little ones at home (or the ones you’re in contact with in your daily life).

Ditch processed foods, and things full of sugar, such as sweets and pastries.

Think about the example you’re setting for the children. Are you aware of the increasing number of not only obese children, but also children who are diagnosed type 2 diabetes at a very early age?

You’re out of shape, and you’ll probably quit climbing the mountain halfway through, or leave a football match when you can’t run anymore.