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Your spirits are quite wild and acting up. You're ready to go out and have fun, and to have people around you laugh with you.

That tone might make you look ridiculous to the eyes of your crush, and then you'll blush more than you ever did.

What should you do? Repress or act crazy and fun, like your body's asking you to? Act crazy, there's no doubt about it!

Life would be an incredibly boring ride if none of us would want to ever break our established limits and rules.

Letting your hair down is good every once in a while, and if you're single, maybe you'll find someone else who dances through life just like you do, following your steps.


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The Sun is beaming all its light upon you, and that's why today you feel your intelligence is more specific and practical, quite powerful and something everyone secretly wants.

That sense of wisdom will allow you to carry out projects efficiently and quickly, especially if whatever activity you need to do occurs on the outdoors.

Your criticism will be on point and you'll be able to hide your weaknesses so that they remain stacked away in second gear, or even third, if you possibly could.

You'll know how to question yourselves in order to apply your ideas more practically, and adapting to sudden turns of events, even.

When it's time to shop, don't spend money if you don't have the reassurance of your accounts being safe and fully stocked.


Native Taureans have nothing to worry about this Wednesday.

In fact, you'll be more than done and ready to move, and you'll feel like joining any fun plans proposed by anyone who calls upon your door.

Jupiter is taking care of both your emotions and physical endurance, and nothing will stop you from being excited, even if the nights fall short.

Use your current vibrations to explore new hobbies, or even physical exercise you hadn't ever imagined yourselves trying.

Have you ever gone hang-gliding or paragliding? These sorts of air sports will give you a feeling of power and freedom, and will also let you burst out in adrenaline.

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