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Routine and monotony are behind you, stepping on your shadow, following your every step and threatening to ruin your romantic moments.

But hey, your partner isn't to blame, Taureans. You're the ones to stay home with the heating on, instead of stepping out into the street for beautiful adventures.

How long has it been since you had a romantic dinner or a getaway to a charming mountain hotel?

Look within your heart for some of that desire that used to be around, and when you've made your partner happy, try to have some more fun with your family.


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Try to calm down, because there's a hard day coming ahead, especially if you're unemployed.

The numbers won't add up, you'll want to make more money, and you'll start brainstorming but find ideas where the possible outcomes aren't very ethical or even legal.

You might get ambushed by despair, but try to stay strong; if you manage to stay afloat you'll see yourselves going over that apparently high, unreachable top.

Leave glamour for others, you don't need it. Besides, multimillionaires have boring, dreary lives.

Don't be afraid to be vulnerable; bring out your most human side, the one with a scared child you usually ignore.


Your resolution for a healthier life started on January 1. Would you mind assessing whether you've made any important moves about it?

You know you're seriously failing, but that's just because you set unrealistic goals.

The ideal thing is to have small, but reachable and firm steps, especially when going to a gym if you chose this as your main tool.

You don't want to get injured because you forced your body too hard, do you now?

Sleep can be a secret hindrance, by the way; try to keep a nice cup of warm coffee by your side, and avoid driving if you feel your eyes getting shut.