Taurus Daily Horoscope for March 13

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Your desire to have someone beside you could make you pull out your address book to have a date with someone who used to flirt around you in the past.

Everything might go perfectly fine, with a nice connection, some laughter and passion, but... do you really think this could go anywhere?

What didn't work years ago can't take flight out of the blue right now. You should be a little more sensible and foresee the headaches that these actions could give you.

If you're in a steady long-term relationship, you'll have arguments for things like your children's education and other family business; don't let this cloud the love you feel for each other even if you're clashing all the time.


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Being fashionable is something that could be seriously attractive to you because of your sign's main traits, but of course, that involves spending quite some money.

You'll be strongly tempted to buy jackets and shoes that would really break the bank for you this month.

Have you considered making your own clothes, creating your very personal exclusive models? It could be a great way to let your creativity soar and save some cash in the process!

And who knows if some friends or family could eventually order some clothes from you, which would make your finances better by earning money from selling the pieces!


If you're on a cold climate area, you should take good care of your skin and particularly your lips, because low temperatures make the skin drier and more sensitive.

The tiny muscle tissue areas in our lips, which allow us to eat and articulate words, are extremely fragile, so you should keep them hydrated very regularly.

Lip balm is your best choice, especially if it has vegetal fats, such as argan oil or karité butter.

Also, smells could be your obsession today; not just the ones that come from you, but also the ones you encounter as the day goes by.

You might even feel uncomfortable because of some strong smells, especially from smoke and the like. Be patient, because it'll be hard to bear with them!