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When a friend asks you about your love life, you tend to say it’s alright, that your life is stable and happy.

However, if you dig deep into your heart you’ll see that monotony has taken over your relationship, the days seem to always be the same, without anything interesting happening.

To keep you away from the edge of the cliff, the Magic Horoscope demands that you take the time to make your other half happy, even if it is within your daily routine activities, such as going to the shop together, do it with a smile.

If you’re single, don’t get your hopes up with that person who seems to follow you around; you’re not the only one they’re wooing, and you could find their behaviour truly disloyal.

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Your words will come back to haunt you, especially if you get carried away by your ego and start boasting about professional prowesses, wealth and things that aren’t actually true.

Over-exaggeration is a still lying, and the Magic Horoscope can assure you that any lies you say will be spotted instantly.

To preserve your professional and personal image (you don’t want to seem pedantic or conceited) the stars recommend caution.

And to be a wallflower today, even if you’d rather be in the spotlight all day long, and receive a round of applause every time you enter a room.


The first thing the stars want you to know, is that obesity is as detrimental to your health as malnutrition is. So watch what you eat if you want to avoid future problems, ok?

Having said this, your day will be quite normal, and if you get anxious at times, you’ll be able to control it.

Your emotional intelligence will be very keen, and you’ll be able to give great advice to those who need it.

Likewise, you’ll soak up any advice you receive, and this will allow you to further your personal growth.