Taurus Magic Horoscope 7
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Your home will feel very comfortable, and you choose to enjoy your surroundings rather than waste time going out; you’ll prefer it if your friends or relatives gather around your table. Your priorities revolve around giving love to your loved ones, listening to their wishes and concerns, you’ll try to get to know them better.

If you’re single, the stars prompt you to improve your chances of meeting the one; play your cards well and without neglecting any details, however small it may seem. Your interactions will be promising.

If you’re in a relationship, Taurus, the stars’ influences illuminate your relationship, and you won’t pay attention to the matters which would normally drive you up the wall. For example, your partner changing their mind at the last minute. Don’t make too many plans, in case they end up flying out the window.

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The stars will reconcile you with the toughest aspects of your professional life and will help you find some peace and quiet.

It’s a good time to apologize to that colleague you wronged. If the tension persists, you have the power to keep trying to talk until you can clear the air.

A series of new needs are pushing your ambitions; you’ll get ahead of the good news, and you won’t wait to move forward with some projects that had been put on the backburner.

Nothing will stop you today, you’ve headed towards success. Your willpower ensures prosperity for you, Taurus.


Try to put your house in order, make the most of this Saturday to carry out a deep clean; good hygiene at home is always important.

You could also move some furniture around, to remove bad energies from every corner of your house.

Look after yourself by practicing sports, especially if they’re outdoors, such as football or skiing, if you live close to the mountains. You’ll avoid serious issues by staying active.

Don’t overthink things, the problems currently troubling you will sort themselves out over the next few days.