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You’re missing an old relationship. The image of someone who broke your heart and trod on your dreams appears before you, you’ll search for old pictures, you’ll want to remember what your old affair was like, how happy you were with them.

And this can make you mess up big time, be aware of it, Taurus, because you might call your partner by your ex’s name. And trying to pretend you didn’t will be pointless: you’ve given yourself away. Be very careful!

This nostalgia undermines your self-confidence, you love nothing and no one, and even though your dynamism attracts potential new romantic interests, you’re not in the mood.

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Today you want to spread your wings and fly across the universe, and everybody will admire your grandeur and your ability to do great things.

Potential problems? Maybe your project will require additional funding as well as a series of abilities that aren’t your forte.

Don’t worry, you’ll know to approach the right people and you’ll convince anyone you need to. Your investment is appealing to those who can help you efficiently, and you’ll be a well-respected professional, generally speaking.

You’ll finally receive a sum that you’d been waiting for, but don’t burn right through it. Try to fix the leaks, don’t leave any debt outstanding, whether it’s with banks, phone providers or utility companies… Not even with the little shop around the corner, if you still owe them for the last purchase you made because your credit card wasn’t working.


Your nights are getting warmer and weirder and during Morpheus’s visits you see elements that disturb you and make you uneasy.

The first thing the stars want you to know is that you haven’t gone mad, Taurus: what happens is that this month’s weather impacts the realm of your dreams, and at times what goes on in your head is like something out of a surrealist film.

If it makes you feel better, consult a dream dictionary to shed some light on your dreams and tell you if dreaming about spiders or other things has a particular meaning, perhaps your mind is trying to tell you something through your dreams.