Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



Sometimes in love, trust can become a lack of respect that can deeply hurt the strongest hearts.

Especially when there's arguments and anger going on, which is quite usual on the other hand (is there any ideal relationship out there? Where don't storms happen from time to time?).

This Thursday, it'll be a major requirement to keep up respect above anything else, and to control yourselves if at any given heated point you feel tempted to insult your partner.

Lack of respect only makes your barriers and trenches bigger.

Besides, attacks (and let's not even start with physical agression) shouldn't ever be tolerated, keep that very clear in mind. If needed, get a tattoo with that quote so that you don't forget.


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There's obligations you can absolutely get done in your everyday life, but there's others that are pretty hard to do, right, Taureans?

Perhaps it might be time to delegate, and even to consider hiring someone to help you out with your duties.

It's all a matter of being talented at negotiations so that the money you pay up is as profitable for you as possible.

Besides, you might have someone currently around you who could fit your needs, and could do quite well with some extra money.

Make sure you don't spend too much in cash, because every penny counts, and little by little you're spending all your money.


You'll be your own barriers this Thursday, Taureans, because of the fear and doubt that are keeping your mind clouded and don't let you enjoy life as much.

Precisely, one of your biggest fears will be connected to death and loss, and even to why we're in the world, what reason is there for our existence.

Try to change that thinking by turning it around, and use every minute to enjoy your loved ones, especially if we're talking about elders.

Our existence on Earth has an expiry date, and you can't change that, but as long as you're on the stage of life, dance all you can, and let the spotlight shine on you!