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Without no one even asking you, you've chosen to tip on the tightrope of love, as if you were a skilled tightrope walker.

However, your focus won't always be this strong, and if you take the wrong step, the pain could be too much for your heart to bear.

Even if a broken heart keeps beating, the stars encourage you to go back to firm ground.

You'll start having doubts about how far your partner would be willing to go for you, or if they would even might ask you to come back together if you've broken up.

But there's no need for you to go to extremes and run that test, Taureans, because the results could be absolutely unsatisfying.


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The Magic Horoscope predicts there'll be financial riffraffs this Monday, disagreements with people in your family or others with whom you've shared a tight-knit relationship.

Their identity could range from a former partner with whom you haven't made final agreements upon an estate property pending sale, all the way to a cousin with whom you might have arguments because of an inheritance.

Jupiter gives you its full support so that you come out just fine from whatever negotiations arise, although it's not too logical either from you to expect to come out rich from this, and have the other person go away empty-handed.

Settle down your desire of making money at all costs if that involves leaving a trail of closet skeletons along the way, Taureans.


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