Taurus Daily Horoscope for March 14

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You need to break ties with the embarrassment or shyness that leads you to hide certain romantic or family issues, and to stop pretending like there's nothing wrong in your life.

If your relationship is at crisis point right now, talk things over with your best friend to get some help or have someone listening to you.

You could even suggest going to couples' therapy and admit that something's not that okay, and it's best to repair the machinery while it still works than trying to do so on the day it breaks down for good.

If you're single, you'll feel disappointed about someone who was starting to make you feel especially hopeful, the person who promised to give you the moon if it were needed.


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Money won't feel like an overwhelming affair today, and in fact, you'll consider looking for more spiritual values. 

The feeling of being completely surrounded by material goods won't fill the void you'll find in your soul. Thus, you might be starting to think about travelling somewhere east, to find yourselves.

This could be interesting to create an improved version of your native selves, but don't go too far with things. Don't leave everything behind and leave the very next day.

These sorts of decisions are better off well-thought out at night, as well as with your loved ones and close friends.


In order to sweeten your dishes, especially teas or desserts, you could use honey instead of sugar, because this bee-produced food item is antioxidant, has got anti-inflammatory properties, and some specific types of honey such as linden even improve sleep.

Of course, this doesn't mean it's low-cal; in fact it has the same calories as the refined sugar we see every day, and it also has high fructose contents.

With all of this being said, the Magic Horoscope says you should take good care of yourselves through it, but avoiding abuse, because honey can cause the same health issues as sugar: insulin resistance, fat storage or high tryglicerides.