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Once the weekend is done and dusted the stars envelop you in beautiful energies. This influx helps you be more open-minded than you imagine. You’re not afraid to say what you want out loud or to ask your partner to try new, more erotic or fetishist, games in bed.

You’ll put your best tools to work to overcome any obstacles in the way, and you’ll propitiate beneficial and emotional encounters (which will be filled with passion). You have the wind in your sails today, which blows away your fears, and frees you from your limitations.

If you’re single, you’ll let go of your desire to be alone. You want to create a relationship which is honest and strong, loving and passionate, worthy of a romantic novel. But with a fairytale ending, where the protagonists get married and live happily ever after.

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You dream of traveling, the farther the better, to start new projects related to your work or your finances. You feel that there’s no room for growth where you are right now.

Looking beyond your comfort zone is always good, discovering new cultures, and adventure-filled lands which might allow you to get rich is great.

If you’re free from family burdens, Taurus, don’t hesitate to buy a one way ticket and start packing up.

Your finances aren’t strong, you’re easily swayed by your children or partner to buy unnecessary things. Don’t even think of taking out a loan to buy these things, you need to be more strict with your expenditure.


This Monday promises to be under the best omens for your wellbeing, and neither your plans nor your impulses will be thwarted.

The sky should even encourage your efforts to practice more sports. You can also carry out tedious activities that you tend to postpone, such as painting your living room.

But don’t leave things unfinished: finish what you started, however hard it is.