Taurus Daily Horoscope for August 15

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Stop any behaviour that may jeopardize your happiness. You’re proud of your relationship, of what you’ve built together, tell your other half, even if they already know it, it’s always nice to hear it! Emotions lead to expressing your feelings without any false modesty.

If you’re single, you might find love if you control your sensitivity.

The stars have a little secret for you: your soulmate is just like you, riddled with doubt, but made for you. Make an effort so you two can meet.

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Be careful not to exaggerate your skills and formal education, Taurus, especially if you’re actively looking for a job.

Almost everybody lies in their curriculum, sure, but one thing is embellishing the tasks you performed in a specific company, and a very different one is making things up.

So the stars have one thing to tell you: if you lie you’ll get caught sooner than you think. Now it’s up to you how you chose to behave.

You’ll fight to achieve better working conditions if you’re employed, and consequently, your financial situation will improve. After some difficulties, you’ll get excellent results, but you deserve it, have no doubt about it.


Warm atmosphere in the area of your health, brought on by the protective wing of Venus, which is in a very harmonious position.

You’ll feel very close to your loved ones, you’ll find your place in the world, and you’ll allow yourself to get carried away by the good influences.

There’s people who have recently entered into your life who do you the world of good, they reconnect you with the universe, and teach you to see the good things in life.

Make sure you choose a diet with plenty of calcium and phosphorus. Ox or chicken liver is especially good, and if you make it in a white wine stew it will be delicious!

Try to also include fresh milk, goat’s cheese and butter. Alternate these products with grains, pulses and vegetables, naturally, and choose fruit over cakes and sweets when you have cravings.