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Keeping up good communication between you and your partner doesn't mean that you have to discuss deep issues every time you're together.

You don't need to share your perspectives on the world and your deepest emotions and desires.

Of course you can and should share these issues! However, communication in love goes beyond that, and you have to swap this for daily, more common issues now and then.

Try to give your partner absolute free reign today to tell you whatever they want about any issue, whether it is children's upbringing or political stances if your ideals and theirs clash in that sense.

You can also apply this advice if you're technically single but seeing someone sporadically.


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Are you getting enough financial profit of your home?

Analyse your income forecast, and whether it might actually be a good idea to put up for rent one of your unused rooms.

If you want fixed income, it's all a matter of finding a roommate (perhaps a colleague might be interested in the deal so that you can carpool together and save money on transport).

But if you're not one to always live with the same person, take a look around the many apps out there for occasional renting for a few days or weeks.

And aside from doing it to stay healthy, try to reduce your alcohol and smoking, because that's an easy way to waste money every month.


Have you taken in the idea that the elixir of eternal youth, the one that age-old legends claim came from a fountain, is nothing but a fairytale?

Learn to embrace aging fearlessly, but if you really want to, you can start working to make that aging delay as much as possible.

You shouldn't only keep up a healthy diet, do some sport and handle stress the right way. If you can afford it, you could think about going under the knife.

Plastic surgery allows you to correct and improve what you don't like about your looks, but if you go for it, make the step so that you feel better about yourselves, not because anyone else told you to.