Taurus Daily Horoscope for January 15

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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Your love affairs won't be a bed of roses this Tuesday, Taureans, because the skies of your sign are heavily influenced (and badly clouded) by Mercury.

The god of commerce will get everything out of place so that no one is around you, and you'll be the one feeling that you're not fitting in with anyone else.

Besides, your sense of cautiousness will make you quiet to what you consider completely unfair, just to make other issues of yours stay away from your feelings.

No one will want to share the prize with you, and you'll be the ones who need to find a safe bubble of oxygen to avoid sinking down any further.

By the way, if you're single and going on a date today, get ready to improvise, because nothing will go according to plan.


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We've already told you that love won't be your strongest feat, and unfortunately, this black Tuesday comes with not-too-brilliant money affairs as well.

You'll find out about crucial data and information that won't be funny at all, connected to people who have been taking advantage of you behind your back.

You acted out of goodwill and a kind heart, but you could have become unknowingly involved in a strategy thought out to steal a good sum of money that you might seriously need.

Prove your worth, defend your assets and straighten out anyone who deserves it. Don't think about it twice and take this experience as a chance to learn.

You can't trust anyone, not even your closest, constantly trailing colleagues.


No playing doctors, okay?

Don't start treatments on your own behalf thinking you're already fully acquainted with your wellness.

You don't know the risks hidden behind self-medicating!

Your tiredness today could come from ill-fitting shoes, and back pain could eventually leave physical signs of inner back pain.

Make sure you wash your feet with plenty of hot salted water, and if you want, add some rose petals; you'll make it even better.