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Thanks to the good atmosphere provided by the moon, your conjugal life will be filled with joy and happiness: you’ll be delighted by the turn of events, everything will seem good and easy to you.

This grateful attitude will be contagious, and you’ll enjoy any moments of intimacy with your other half. Any excuses to smile will be welcome.

If you’re single, you’ll feel a strong attraction to people who are older than you, finding in them the wisdom and protection you lack.

Take into account, however, that maturity and age don’t always come together, and you might have a better head on your shoulders than someone 20 years older. Plus, you already know that age isn’t but a number.

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Your artistic gifts will be heightened as if the ancient Greek muses had visited you at night, and you’ll want to explore your talents.

Make the most of your creations and think about how you can turn them into profit, Taurus: don’t let your poems sit in a drawer, or your paintings gather dust in a cupboard.

Search everywhere for contacts, you’ll find someone who can give you a hand and show you how to sell them, or how to get an exhibition.

You’ll be prone to spending in your daily life. Cravings will be a daily occurrence, and you’ll give in to superficial temptations that don’t bring you that much satisfaction anyway.


Most Taurus will have good resilience, you’ll be ready to prove you’re in good shape.

So you won’t mind if the lift breaks down and you have to take the stairs, even if you’re going to the fifth floor, and you’ll be able to have a good sprint if you need to catch the train that’s leaving in five minutes.

If you’re recovering from an illness or a medical treatment, don’t be careless or believe that you’re fully recovered just because you’re no longer in discomfort.

You can quickly deteriorate if you don’t follow your doctor’s instructions to a T. Don’t think you know better than them!