Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The sun is influencing your romantic area, and it will try to make your day an easy, pleasant experience... perfect for falling in love!

Or to fall in love all over again with the person next to you, with the same passion from the day you met, bringing back the sparks and magic of the first dates.

Make the special moments that brought your lives together a reality again.

If you and your partner are sharing a home, you'll see plenty of harmony in your other half, and without you even asking for it, they will give you their full support when times get tough.

Singles, on the other hand, will begin quite a prosper period for reaping, although the heart pick-up will come along in a few weeks' time..

Pay attention to friends and call back whoever you need to. Someone wants to tell you important news, which could be good or bad.


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Financially speaking, the Magic Horoscope is warning you that you should pay attention even if everything looks healthy and balanced.

Have you been piling up debts, or do you have loans here and there? Then maybe it might be hard for you to make it, and it would be great if you could get an appointment with your bank or financial entity.

Perhaps you could go on new negotiations about your payments. Juggle as much as you can, but don't stand still with crossed arms!

You can't be passive about money, because in the end, a rotten apple can ruin the rest of the batch.


Not moving around much, no matter why (you work too much, too many family duties, whatever the case!) can give you some serious backache.

You should move around a little more and do some mild exercise at home, even if it's just ab exercises and push-ups!

Today, Jupiter's on your side to take care of your health. It promises that you'll have excellent vitality and that you'll be quite resistant against environmental viruses.

However, it'll also awaken your gourmet side, you'll be ready to eat sophisticated dishes which, if not kept under control serving-wise, could end up bringing acid reflux into your stomach. Be very careful and just enjoy your ride!