Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You decide to take action and annihilate the routine which takes over your soul daily. All of the decisions you make will be good (by pondering on them: don’t get carried away by your first impulse, the most primitive one).

The moon’s positive influence will bring renovation, a wind of freedom blows over you love life and you’ll be very pleasant when you strike a conversation with future friends (or lovers).

The stars, Taurus, which give you a cheeky and spicy demeanor which will make you experience new feelings in your body, discovering new erogenous areas which you didn’t know existed and giving free rein to your fetishes and fantasies.

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Someone from your family (or perhaps from work, a friend or colleague) sees you as a role model in professional matters. Try not to mess up today with a series of bad decisions, this way they’ll keep you on a pedestal.

Don’t exaggerate your resources to live above your means, projecting a lifestyle which doesn’t belong to you. In fact, treating yourself is good, but in moderation.

Today you need to stay within your budget, as you’ve already depleted your savings too much over the past few days. And avoid getting into debt with your friends, don’t sully your name by being a loan defaulter.


You have an arsenal of weapons to efficiently defeat sedentarism. Just because it’s Sunday and you want to rest, it doesn’t mean you should stay at home and be a couch potato.

The Magic Horoscope asks you to do a balance of your favourite activities and to decide for the one that’s best for your body and soul, carefully considering your deepest motivations.

Look after the tidiness and hygiene of your home. Do a deep clean and make the most of the opportunity to shift some furniture around, to send the bad energies out the door.