Taurus Daily Horoscope for April 16

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Your relationship can be very passionate, but also a bit violent. But if you make a bit of an effort, you’ll be able to create a more relaxed and happy relationship.

Are you single? The relationship with that person you’ve just started seeing will develop beautifully, and you’ll share happy moments that will look like something out of a Disney film.

You’ll be even happier if you partake in your new flame’s desires and plans, but you’ll also struggle to let go of the freedom you love so much.

It’s time to step on the gas, Taurus, or to do an emergency stop and say goodbye for good, because this relationship will grow deeper and stronger much faster than you think!

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There’ll be lots of whims and cravings today, and money could burn a hole in your pocket. The worst part is, you won’t be the one with the whims and cravings.

It’ll be someone you love, perhaps your small child who wants that toy they’ve seen on television which happens to be very expensive, or a teenager hellbent on getting a new smartphone.

Follow your instinct and you’ll know what to do, listen to your inner bull; you can give in to the demands and have one less thing to worry about, or make them see reason.

You can’t always get what you want, and they need to understand the time and effort that goes into earning enough money to pay for those things.

The latter path is the hardest one, you’ll need a lot of patience!


Get checked for any discomfort you might be experiencing on a daily basis, especially if it has to do with your urinary tract; if it burns when you urinate, consult your GP so they can carry out tests.

You know well that your body always tells you when something isn’t working properly, and it’s better to get it sorted as soon as possible, before it becomes something serious.

When practicing sports, if you have time for this today, be mindful to warm up properly, you’re at risk of suffering a minor injury.