Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Passion will cool down a bit today, even if things were starting to look up in your relationship after a rough patch.

Don’t worry, it’s a temporary and meaningless thing; a bit further down the line you’ll rediscover your other half and you’ll see an entirely new aspect of their wonderful personality.

For some Taurus, sex will be something they’d rather avoid, your libido will be really low and it will be hard to change this (unless you use certain prescription drugs).

If you’re single, you’ll be lazy, on the one hand you’ll want to achieve all of your dreams to quench your thirst for affection, but on the other you’ll notice there are invisible chains that don’t allow you to get out of your house. You can’t expect love to come knocking on your door, or to get it delivered!

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Your financial situation will be questioned; people who love you will tell you if you’re spending too much on fruitless ventures, or if you’re overdoing it in your leisure activities.

Don’t forget how hard breathing was when you were going through hard times, which you’ve done more than once. Be more disciplined with your budget.

Careful with the disruptive factors that will happen at work. If you’re careless, you’ll struggle to fix things, and you’ll find yourself between a rock and a hard place.


With the alliance of Mercury and Uranus, you’ll struggle to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You’ll get up late, punctuality will go out the window, at times you’ll be hyperactive, and basically, you’ll run around like a headless chicken, Taurus.

Some meditation will help you balance yourself during this hectic Friday.

Has your hair been mistreated by hair dye and products to give it volume and make it look nice? You might want to consider using wigs then, when you have a specific event where you’ll want to show a renewed and elegant image.

Even Hollywood stars do it! Why shouldn’t you do it too?