Taurus Daily Horoscope for February 16

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Throughout your life, there's been a series of events that have changed your plans and routines because of a major force, and you could barely even do anything to change it.

These are issues you don't like discussing too much, maybe because you're afraid of people feeling sorry for you, and that's definitely not your thing.

Today you'll find out that, for better or worse, some of your inner demons will be gone for good, even if it means to see an unsatisfying ending to whatever issue they're connected to.

Your partner will stay close and give you all their love, they'll be there for you every single minute, and in the same way, your family will also offer you their love.

If you're single, you'll feel the love of your friends, and also from someone who's flirting around with you, even if you can't feel it because you're terribly shy.


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Don't you sometimes feel like your despair fades away when you shop and fill your bags with all sorts of goodies?

If you smile, there's no need for an answer. In fact, the stars know you better than you know yourselves. For you, shopping is a delicious way to spend time.

Just try not to go crazy, and if you go too far, don't be mean or miserable with other spending affairs.

Sometimes, when it's time to try activities with your partner, you become too cheap for comfort, don't you?


It's truly despairing to see certain health issues coming back into your life, and today you won't be able to avoid experiencing such a feeling.

More particularly, the Magic Horoscope locates some returning ailment or discomfort around your head.

Thus, migraines might be the norm today, or that toothache could come back stronger than ever (you could even lose a veneer or a crown!).

Work on your patience, because there's no other choice, Taureans, and ask for an appointment with your doctor so that all this mess gets sorted out.