Taurus Daily Horoscope for January 16

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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The climate of love is still quite unstable around you, and the discomfort for the next few days will continue, sometimes even growing in intensity.

Today there could be trouble within your family where you'll have to act as the mediator.

There'll be two opposing parties, and fortunately enough for you, you'll be able to be the judge, because you're not in straight agreement with neither of the parties involved. However, try to minimise negative impact as much as you can.

Your partner will be there to support you through that sticky situation, and you can at least rejoice that they'll behave as usual with you, with no pity, because that's the last thing you need.

Finally, there won't be great promises of love waiting around the streets for singles, in case you were wondering if the man or woman of your dreams would be waiting by your door this Wednesday.


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You want to be the belle of the ball, the grand winner that everyone looks up to raising their glass, in celebration of your achievements.

Now, be honest, and ask yourselves: have you actually made a progress so important for that to happen, or are you just trying to live off your past glory?

When it comes to making money, Taureans, you need a daily rebirth, and the past is good for absolutely nothing.

You should always steer forward, because that's where you'll find new chances and contracts you can work on, to earn a profit that helps you stay afloat, especially if you've been too careless and carefree.


This Wednesday, try to control your bathroom needs everytime your body asks you to go.

Are you aware of how bad it is to hold it in? Not too much, right?

If you make holding in a habit, you might catch illnesses such as the well-known cystitis, or even suffer from different malfunctions linked to the urinary tract and system.

You should especially try to get rid of that shyness that's stopping you from going to the bathroom in areas outside your home, such as work, for instance.