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The astral influences will allow you to see your partner under a new light, and this perspective will be magical and charming and will make you want to be closer to them.

Thus, Taurus will experience a true renewal of their passion: make the most of it to be creative and nostalgic at the same time. How about recreating your first date and surprising your other half?

Or you could watch again the film where you held hands for the first time from the comfort of your home, be creative!

If you’re single, don’t rush into things: in order to be successful in love, you need to do things slowly, and take your time to know the person better.

You’ll be better off if you don’t rush into commitments, this way your life won’t be toppled over.

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Your money management skills will be admirable today. You’ll be a skilled negotiator and you won’t allow anyone to keep a single penny that doesn’t belong to them.

This doesn’t prevent you from being disloyal, and your competitors will struggle not to cheat in order to throw you off balance, as this will be their only option. But they won’t have any luck, because you’re protected by the stars!

Everything related to education and training, children and youths will go swimmingly; if you work in this area, you’ll have good results. Your original ideas will reach the right ears.


You’ll receive the energy from Mars to start new projects to improve your body and wellbeing, Taurus. Illusion will be alive today!

You’ll have good ideas, but there’s no point saying them out loud and then staying seated on the couch. That’s not how things work, in order to achieve change you have to make an effort.

On the other hand, you must solve any paperwork related to doctors and medical procedures as soon as possible. What piece of paper are you missing, do you need an authorization from your insurance? You have to keep things in order!