Taurus Daily Horoscope for June 16

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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You want to build long term project; disposable love is not your thing, at least not on the last day of this week, and you might take it badly if last night’s lover makes up an excuse to leave and not come back.

Stay calm though, because this day will open many doors, and give you clues on how to develop what’s best for your heart. It’s the right time to be constructive and efficient in your communication.

Being alert will allow you to heal wounds before they even happen, you’ll know how to go in the right direction, knock on the right doors, think about the future, and protect your soul without neglecting your beloved.

Some will even notice that this Sunday will take you to the seventh heaven, where criticism and risks don’t exist.

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This will be a great day for things related to communication, travel, commerce and marketing (you can’t even catch a break on Sundays!).

You just need to use your energy on what’s really convenient and profitable, and your finances will improve significantly.

If you do what you have to do, you will have a privileged time in your profession, regardless of how hard your trade is.

If you’re resting, however, you might get a call from some obnoxious person asking you to fix their unexpected problems.


Be especially responsible with your food today, not just by avoiding sweets, but by having the five meals a day recommended by specialists, especially breakfast. You’re not allowed to leave home on an empty stomach!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day due to its role: to break the fast from the night, when you’ve already used up all the reserves you had from the previous day, including sugars, to ensure your vital functions, such as breathing, digestion, maintaining your brain’s activity and regulating your body heat.

Also, remember that the morning is the best time to metabolize proteins and carbohydrates.